Heart Procedures

Heart Procedures - Tavares, Mount Dora, Eustis, Leesburg, FL

H&D Cardiology performs Heart Procedures for patients living in the Tavares, Mount Dora, Leesburg, Eustis and other surrounding Lake County, FL areas. Led by Board Certified Interventional Cardiologist Dr. Alex Caballero, most of the proecuders our patients are in need of can be performed right in our own office. Below is a list of the procedures we offer along with a description of each.

Cardiac Catheterization

This is a procedure in which a thin, flexible tube (catheter) is inserted into a blood vessel, either in the groin, arm or neck, then threaded to the heart. Through catheterization, ultrasound can be used to look for blockages in coronary arteries. Tests and treatments can be performed. Often, dye is injected into the catheter, then x-rays are taken to look for plaque buildup (Coronary Angiography). Through cardiac catheterization, samples of muscle and blood can be extracted, making it an important diagnostic tool.

Coronary Intervention

If a blockage is found during your heart catheterization in most cases the blockage can be fixed with a stent and balloon.

Loop Recorder Implantation

A loop recorder is a very small cardiac monitor that is places under the skin here in the office. This allows your doctor to monitor your heart remotely for several years if needed.

Peripheral Angiogram

With x-ray equipment and contrast dye we can put a small tube into your artery and get real time images of your arteries. This will allow your doctor to diagnose blockages in the arteries that feed you arms, legs kidneys, and brain.

Peripheral Imaging

Also known as PVI, Peripheral Vascular Imaging, is a non-invasive ultrasound procedure that uses high frequency sound waves to produce images of the arteries in arms and legs, areas other than the heart. This imaging can also be used to check the arteries after arterial bypass surgery or placement of a stent.

Peripheral Intervention

If a blockage is found while performing your peripheral angiogram many time it can be opened up in the same visit.

Radio Frequency Venous Ablation

After performing a venous ultrasound. If venous insufficiency (also known at leaky valves) is found we can perform a venous ablation with will close off the unhealthy vein and the blood will reroute and travel back to the heart through healthy veins.

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